June 11, 2024


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Agile Marketing: Stretch it, strut it, sustain it

Agile’ is a word that has a very dynamic feel to it- someone who is constantly ‘on the look and thus ready to go as the need may be’. So, when one is to merge the term marketing with agile, it make a a double-room space for being flexibility and adaptability, for marketing itself making it a feel of a fluid way. So, comes becomes of the term and concept of ‘agile marketing’.

Now, that one treads the route of swerves and circuitous mode of markets, adaptability is the key to not only flourish, but to survive as well as per today’s ratings. There is only one tool that hits the bull’s eye in this way- proactively. This means not waiting hand-in-hand for the customers to look for something to their needs/fancy, but being savvy enough to read them even before they can feel the very need of it, and be able to project one capable of delivering the ‘anticipated/generated’ need. And this requires much more than mere expertise and capability of production, but having the insight of all that can be possibly associated with that line of business. It may be the production mobile hand set for the while, but being ready and equipped to be able to shift to make attractive mobile pouches’ availability in the future. A very valid and possible example of marketing in its agile format and so, this is not just one employing one time typically executed tools encapsulating market surveys, customer surveys, customer feedbacks etc. but being constantly in the foray of doing so, being alert and agile all the way till you want your business to remain, your business brand and being to be. And possibly what makes this aspect of your business strategy more different and involving is the constant evaluation and reevaluation of the steps being taken to analyze its mere affectability to the T, and no less.

Off-the-main-pathway way

A tedious and off-the-main-pathway way, but something that would keep the wheels rolling and not merely spinning for you. In the most moody and unsure manners of the business, this is one result that is quite but sure to adopt this mode of expertise.

Any business as scientific and according to a set up cannot be sustained without the inclusion of the ‘not-so-documented’ gut feel. So, do not to become blinded by the statistics and the multifold returns of the ways generated by the book of law of business, the gut innate feel should never be spurned away as a figment of imagination. Do not turn a blind eye to what comes to you as a an unnecessary or petty annexure to your service of business. It may not yield you the bulk of returns that you’ve always flashed, but can get you a goodwill and resort in the hearts of the ones who have made it all possible- your customers. This is as important tenet to be always in kept in mind. The ‘yearend sales’ and ‘slab sales’ can be considered as the most common example of this.

Your business is like your body- its flexibility ensures its longevity.