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Benefits of Incorporating user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is a tool that is preferably used by marketers for brand promotions. Any content, be it videos, images, audio or texts when posted on social media platforms is UGC. Brands incorporate these contents in marketing campaigns after seeking permission from the owners. 

User-generated content is believed to be a vote of confidence. The users who have a positive experience with your brand share aesthetic snaps, write compelling reviews and publish blog posts which create a sense of trust among viewers and help in brand awareness. And all this happens without any persuading sessions by the brand itself.

But how will user-generated content turn out to be an advantage for your brand? That needs some in-depth research. And that’s exactly what we’ve done for you! Hereby we present to you the important facts and figures regarding user-generated content in marketing with its benefits.

7 Advantages of User-Generated Content marketers must know

Users tend to get persuaded and value the experience shared by their community members. UGC played a vital role during the lockdown phase when professionals were unable to post fresh and engaging content. Thus, holding strongly to user-generated content along with its online marketing strategies is important.

  • User-generated content is a win-win for all

One of the best advantages of user-generated content is the way it puts consumers in the front and centre. Along with the consumers, you also get the benefits of UGC. 

Wondering how? 

When using content produced by the users for your brand marketing:

  • You give the stage to their voices. The users talk for you.
  • The brand marketing messages are posted by individuals and not brands.
  • You are not the only one using marketing techniques for social media, your audience is with you in the task.
  • You get the opportunity to highlight users who help shape your brand.

Thus, UGC is a marketing strategy that helps you build a strong bond with the users and make them visit your brand frequently.

  • User-generated content acts as a social proof

UGC is an excellent social proof. When there’s content from real users, it develops credibility and makes your brand trustworthy. In the end, users will see that it’s not just a brand bragging about itself for profit, the real customers are talking about it.

  • Customers trust user-generated content

We all will agree that we’ll trust what our known people will tell us about something rather than going for a stranger’s word. Thus, here comes our third benefit of user-generated content. People of all age groups and demographics find UGC more reliable.

People also tend to rely on user-generated visuals more than any other form of content. Around two-thirds of users are influenced by social media posts of a product. Then the user-generated videos on YouTube get ten times more views as compared to the brand’s content. And this is a super beneficial thing for travel marketers who have tons of visual content for their brand.

To be precise, consumers put their trust in UGC more than the content brands post. It feels more like an honest display of the brand’s products and services rather than a sales pitch- well, that’s human nature.

  • User-generated visuals supplement the brand’s content

Marketing budgets often stretch your budget. Because of limited resources, marketers have to get their creative sides to work when it comes to producing more visual content.

User-generated content here again comes to the rescue. When you source visuals directly from the users through social media platforms, the expenses of producing something are cut off. Thus, UGC is a budget-friendly thing too.

Thus, marketers can utilise user-generated content along with branded content. And this combination works wonders. It’s not what we are making up, the stats say so. Brand engagement rose by an average of 28% with the combo of user-generated visuals and branded content created for promotions. 

  • Use of UGC reflects your brand’s will to connect with its users

Brands that feature UGC from their fans can forge closer, more genuine bonds with their user base in addition to sparking dialogue between their advocates.

Using UGC for brand marketing, or just posting it on branded social media platforms will make your audience feel valued. They will know that you care for their comfort and feedback. 

This is an easy way to make your audience know that you acknowledge them and they play a significant role in your brand’s growth and success.

  • User-generated marketing makes your brand stand out

Customers are flooded with numerous ads and promotional content which makes it difficult for a brand to secure the spotlight. Here banner blindness helps. This means that you can clear out the ads and still cut through the noise. 

However, user-generated content is a method that helps in frequently engaging with the audience without irritating them. UGC is not at all like the traditional ads, i.e., it does not talk straight about sales. Instead, it is produced by the members of the audience you targeted. Because of the nature of UGC not being only about promotion, the users find it more trustable. 

Along with this, UGC also enhances the effectiveness of your ads. The click-through rates increase three times because of UGC. And stats never lie people!

  • UGC generates more traffic and conversions

Traffic is a key performance indicator for marketers. But conversions for that traffic are another factor that should be effective. 

Simply put, user-generated content speeds up the process of purchasing, in turn giving a great push to your brand’s conversion rates.


After all these incredible benefits of user-generated content, you might have understood the importance of incorporating UGC. Yes, it demands extensive management and strategies to utilise UGC in the best possible way. And for this, there are content marketing companies in India having experts who have the superpower to enhance your brand’s growth.  

The experts extend their services from the collection and curation of UGC, management of UGC rights, and creation of marketing campaigns, to its execution along with managing and connecting with an active customer base.

Make your brand reach heights by incorporating user-generated content with the content marketing experts themselves at work.

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