April 24, 2024


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Get Quality Universal Air Suspension Kit for Your Cars

Customization in cars is an excellent way to enhance their work power. People who love car driving also love to do experiments on them. The most common customization to improve any car’s performance is replacing its spring coil suspension system with an air suspension system. 

Air suspension system improves the car’s performance in the aspect of comfort, styling, performance, speed, and better control. Not only driving but a modern air suspension system works fine for airbags, compression, bag pressure, and vehicle height. 

I hope you understand how beneficial an Air Suspension system is for your car & your driving experience. In this blog, we will discuss a few Universal air suspension kits that would benefit in performance and also would save money. 

Why is Universal Suspension Kit a Great Choice?

Universal Suspension Kits are a product list of a worldwide known company Universal. They are the results of the smart brain & modern technology. Universal produces air suspension kits that are high in performing and also comes within your budget. Unlike a super high-priced air suspension kit, Universal suspension kits are good to go for saving money. 

Universal has all that you have eyes for. They produce each part of a fully functional air suspension system. The extreme air suspension system is perfect for replacing 4 corner coil springs.  

Different Types of Universal Suspension Kits:

Complete Universal FBBS Air Ride Suspension Kit:

This air suspension kit comes with a quick system and high-quality fittings. It’s easy and quick connection system gives you a quick installation process. Anyone with a guide manual can easily replace the whole system. Get your HOT ROD project-ready air suspension kit is only $1429. 95. You will get the following parts with it. 

– Two 2500 lb and two 2600 lb bags

– 8 electronic valves

– 3 gallon reserve tank

– A high-flow DC7500 1/2 HP Compressor

– 4 Switches

– 4 Zone Gauge Display, wire, lines, fittings, and pressure safety switches. 

Extreme FBBS 7 Switch, VU4 Air Suspension Kit- Front Struts, Rear Bags, and Brackets:

This universal airbag kit is perfect for a replacement of the front, back, and side air ride system. You can use it with any car, truck, or SUV with front struts & rear coil springs. This Universal Air Suspension Kit is available currently for $2429.95 only including a 10% of discount on the product. The air suspension kit includes 

– 2-front universal air struts 

– 2-2600 lb bags and brackets for the rear

– VU4 Electronic Valve Block

– A single 480c Compressor

– 3-gallon black reserve tank

– 7 Rocker Plug Play Switch Controller

– 2X2 Zone Gauges

– Wires

– 3/8 Inch Air Lines

– Fittings

– Circuit Breaker and Pressure Safety Switches 

Extreme Universal FBBS Air Suspension Kit:

A complete FBBS suspension kit that is easy to install. You can build this air suspension kit all by yourself for the front back and side-to-side air ride system. Notably, it works on any car old or new, truck or SUV. We will also send the brackets for your applications. You can buy this for only $1826.10. 

– Two 2500 lb and two 2600 lb bags. 

– 8 electronic valves

– Dual High Output

– 480c Compressors

– 3 Gallon Reserve Tank

– 4 Switches

– 4 Zone Gauge Display

– Wire, Fittings, and Pressure Safety Switches. 

Note- This is only for a 4 Corner Coil Spring Chassis. You may need links, control arms, and other hardware to complete the job. 

FBBS Digital Electronic Universal Air Suspension Kit With Air Bags & Brackets:

This Universal Air Suspension Kit comes at $1693.52. This kit has everything that you will need to replace the front coil spring and rear leaf spring chassis. You can order customised brackets for your car if needed. For this, you need to fill up your car name & model. You will get the following parts in this kit. 

– 4 Links for Chassis. 

– Two 2500 lb and Two 2600 lb Air springs. 

– B Electronic Valve as Additional Components. 

– 100% Duty Cycle 1/3 HP Compressor

– 3 Gallon Reserve Tank

– 4 Switches

– 5 ZONE Digital Gauge Display

– 60 ft. of 3/8 inch Air Line

– Fittings and Pressure Safety Switch

FBBS Electronic Air Suspension Kit With Triangulated 4 Links, Bags & Brackets:

You get a customizable air suspension kit for all modern and old car models. It offers you everything that you will need in replacing the coil and rear leaf spring chassis. The following are the equipment you will get with this set only at $1993.52. 

– 4 Links for the Chassis. 

– Two 2500 lb & two 2600 lb airbags. 

– 8 Electronic Valves

– 100% Duty Cycle 1/3 HP compressor 

– 3 Gallon Reserve Tank 

– 4 Switches

– 5 Zone Digital Gauge Display

– 60 ft. of 3/8 inch Air Line. 

– Pressure Safety Switch

Full-Size Car or Truck Digital Plug & Play FBBS Air Suspension Kit with 4 Links, Panhard Bar & Frame Bridge:

This is a complete air suspension kit with included frame bridge and Heavy Duty 4 links. You will all need the equipment to set this up all by yourself. This air suspension kit is perfect for any full-sized car or truck. The Kit includes the following. 

– Two 2500 lb and two 2600 lb bags. 

– Large Valve Engine

– Dual 480c 1/3 HP Compressors

– 5 Gallon Black Tank

– 7 Rocker Handheld Switch Controller

– Digital 5 Zone Gauge Display

– Wires, lines, fittings, 

– Full Weld Bridge

– Four Links

– Pressure Safety Switches 

We also send customised brackets.  


Above we have discussed 6 of the Universal Air Suspension Kit available. You can buy it from X2 industry’s official website portal of Universal air ride kit. These air suspension kits are within budget and of high quality. Now with us, you can replace your old suspension system with ease. In the next blog, we will discuss the remaining kits and their prices. So be with us till we are back.