April 24, 2024


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Which Type of Tiles Are Best for Bedroom Walls?

Bedroom Walls

The bathroom walls tiles are quite important, as they are beneficial for several purposes such as easy cleaning, durable, cost-effective, variety of designs, stylish and modern. The bathroom wall is more exposed to water which is why tiles are necessary to keep them durable. The exterior wall tiles UK come with premium quality as they help in saving from any harmful exterior contact such as cracks etcetera. Painted bathroom walls would be less well-maintained than bathroom tiles. Put in porcelain or ceramic tiles to prevent from getting any cracks, chipped or worn-out, also this way tiles would be cleanable. Similarly, each tile in place would eventually stop any water getting through to damage the wall behind, as tiles are ideal for bathroom walls as the grout holding each tile in place. Also, tiles would prevent discolouration and erosion after long-term exposure to moisture because tiles stay pristine much longer than other materials such as paint. It’s true that tiles are most cost-effective in the long run even though paint costs less at first. To maintain higher quality or to appeal for many years, tiles are considered a permanent solution. It’s an easy choice to increase the value of your home and boost the lack of maintenance fees then you might be interested in affordable cost per square metre tiles for that. 

Which type of Tiles is Best for Bedroom Walls?

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There are several types of tiles which are best for bedroom walls, they are as follows:

Slate split face tiles

If you want to add a sophisticated feature wall is another fab way of refreshing the look of a room, as it’s not all about transforming those bedroom floor spaces. Slate split face tiles are usually thick as they have been bonded together to create a staggered, multi-levelled surface, as they are manufactured from natural slate, our split face tiles consist of strips. 

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are the most common type of tiles, but they also differ from ceramic tiles in so many ways. With porcelain tiles, you might get a similar impressive appearance, without any maintenance issues. Porcelain tiles come in various formats, textures, designs, hues, and styles. Porcelain tiles are best for the bedroom walls, you could easily get them in various colours including mild colours, nude, glossy, unglazed and etcetera. 

Wooden ceramic tiles

Get a wooden ceramic tile instead of natural wood, to get some of your personal space vibes, if you are a nature lover. Wooden ceramic tiles work as magic for passionate lovers of nature. Wooden ceramic tiles are stain-resistant when they are easy to clean or very durable. Even in many lavish homes, many people feel a need to get a rustic vibe which gives a new aura to one’s place. It’s true that a rustic vibe never goes out of trend, even if there is wear or tear after several years. 

Glendale haya wood effect tiles

Glendale haya wood effect tiles come with multi-sized or white-washed designs, you would definitely love them if you had a passion for wood effect look tiles. You can get a blendable wood effect tile, gorgeous light brown colours or even in traditional planks. If you want comfortable underfoot or nicer effect tiles with a soft touch design, then consider getting a perfect piecing together a naturalistic base in your bedroom space. 

Salon porcelain tiles

Salon porcelain tiles are quite beneficial as well as demanded by many masses. Commonly, salon porcelain tiles are used in salons, glamorous bathroom walls and in many places. The biggest advantage of the Salon tiles is that they are easy to clean. Unlike wooden tiles, ceramics, or planks you don’t have to worry about any leakages on Salon porcelain tiles.  

Glass tile

Glass tiles are best known for their aesthetics than their functionality. They are an alternative to natural stones, also they are very resistant. In many cases glass tile stains could be easily wiped out, with the help of any acidic foods. Glass tiles are a perfect choice for your bedroom if you want to maximise the aesthetics of your place. 

Vintage wood plank tiles

Vintage wood plank tiles are usually white-washed versions, these are the tiles that consist of wood effect tiles that don’t just come in the natural sand colours or browns. If you want to refine the design of your bathroom walls then, you might consider vintage wood plank tiles as they add white tiles into an interior space.  

Avenue concrete effect tiles

Avenue concrete effect tiles consist of some factorial elements, as they come with the most innovative interior looks to add a bit of charm to their house. If you want to add a bit of glamour and perfect design, the Avenue collection tiles would be best for you!

Final Thoughts 

You might want to try some of the world-class bedroom tiles, which comes in glamour, mild, or nude colours to magnify your bedroom décor.